Plans by Type of Coverage


Individuals & Families:

Qualified Health Plans / "Obamacare" 

Need a plan with the strongest coverage? HERE'S where you shop for guaranteed coverage. You'll see all available plans that include preventive care at no charge, with NO penalties for pre-existing conditions, and all other essential benefits. Often, these plans are expensive, but you may qualify for help. 

* Certain enrollment criteria apply, outside of Open Enrollment (11/1 - 12/15 annually)

Religious Exemption Plans

These plans are NOT insurance but offer similar plan setup to old-fashioned Major Medical. We represent numerous of these plans - please e-mail, call, or text for more information!

Major Medical

If you're healthy, want the most budget-friendly plan, or missed Open Enrollment, a renewable temporary plan or limited benefit plan may be right for you. Get in touch - we'll tell you more!

Group Health

Curious about providing insurance to your employees? Send us a message with your company name, address, phone number, and de-identified census of employee age/gender/home zip code. We're happy to run quotes for you!

Recently get your Red, White, & Blue Card?

Have you hit the #Magic65 age? 

Recently gain Medicare due to disability?

Retiring from your career, and you're older than 65?

There's an alphabet soup of information to sort through. Let us help you navigate all your options!


  1. Do I have to enroll through No, most people who need coverage - even with help paying premiums - can enroll through the link above, instead of the governmental site.
  2. Do you charge for your services? No, We offer consultations at NO CHARGE.
  3. How long does an appointment take? Generally, about an hour; time varies with the number of people at an appointment and their questions. We want everybody to have time to know their needs and understand our recommendations.
  4. Do I get penalized on taxes if I don't have coverage? Not any more! That penalty was removed for 2019 and 2020. That may change in the future.
  5. Will you spam me or call me endlessly? No, TLC Insurance respects your privacy.